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May 24, 2010

my father passed away in july. today is his birthday.

fish bring back happy memories of my dad. when i was little we had a tropical fish tank and i remember helping him clean the tank and rescue the baby mollies with the net. he taught me how to say plecostomus and what it does.

there was a beautiful fish tank in the doctor’s lounge where i would sometimes wait for him as a child when he would make rounds at the hospital. during my middle and high school years we had a small goldfish pond in back of our house in maryland that would freeze over in the winter and the fish would miraculously begin to swim again in spring when the pond thawed.

when it came time for his funeral, there was, as luck would have it, a large tank outside the chapel filled with brilliantly colored salt water fish.

so today i am posting this snap i shot of his koi pond last year at about this time when we celebrated our gemini birthdays together in charleston.

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