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dress shopping with a bride

July 9, 2011

yesterday i spent part of the day shopping with a bride. she was looking for that special dress that fit the bill and so we began the hunt. she tried many options in several places and most were very pretty. and then there was…the one. i’m not usually involved in this part of the process so it was an adventure i totally enjoyed. i can’t give away any info about the final choice but i will say that this bride has a lot of personality and her dress is strong, individual and embodies a depth that reflects her audacious personality. there will certainly be a few unexpected surprises when all eyes are on her as she enters the room. and i will get to capture all on a hilltop in Rome. so excited. more to come!!

Vera Wang says……

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My Advice

Vera WangFreedom and invention abound for today’s brides. Within this context, some brides embrace their wedding dress as the ultimate in self-expression. Individualists, as I call these brides, channel their inner eye into a wedding look that is creative as well as a highly personal fashion statement. Their choices are not necessarily trendy, but are certainly unique – an unusual color, an unexpected silhouette or a bold detail. If you are headstrong and opinionated, then transfer that into your choice of wedding dress, wearing your individuality like the badge of honor that it is. — XO, Vera

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  1. July 9, 2011 5:25 pm

    I know how you feel 🙂


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