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one photographer’s nightmare

May 17, 2010

this will be my first post without a photo. it’s something i thought i’d never do but i want to share this story with anyone who might be interested.

so i am a vivid dreamer. i sometimes have vivid nightmares as well and they often revolve around one theme. there are variations but basically, in the nightmare, i realize i’m supposed to be shooting a job or an event, perhaps a wedding and i had written the wrong date or time and i missed the event or am late and missed the ceremony or the client is waiting for me and i don’t have the right camera or equipment and the equipment doesn’t work etc etc.

saturday it happened….i was finishing a relaxing engagement shoot when my phone kept ringing repeatedly. my husband finally picked up and knowing it was the client on the calendar for an event the next day, passed me the phone.

“where are you?” asked the client. “we’re all waiting.”

i ended the engagement shoot as politely as i could, changed my clothes and threw my equipment into my bag with the help of my photographer husband (who knew exactly how i was feeling. he has the same type of nightmares!!) he reformatted cards and loaned me his fully charged batteries and helped me grab a cab.

somehow we quickly passed by the many street fairs and arrived at st. patrick’s. everyone was waiting for me but seemed totally mellow. i began to shoot solo and hoped the mistake was not mine. i love these clients and wouldn’t want to be the cause of stress on their day of celebration.

how did this happen? was it mercury in retrograde? did i miss an email? the last email i had seen confirmed the job for sunday may 16th.

two hours into the event my heart started to beat at it’s normal photoshoot speed and i was able to reestablish full contact with myself! maybe the years of meditation helped?!! after the event had ended and i felt confident that i had captured many beautiful moments to be passed on through future generations, the client thanked me for showing up and apologized. “i just checked my email” she said “we changed the date and forgot to call to let you know. thank you for showing up on such short notice”

whew. the nightmare happened and as usual, it taught me something about myself. the fear is usually worse than the reality and if i keep breathing, somehow it all works out one way or another.

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  1. May 30, 2010 11:48 am

    Love that you shared this — so personal and yet so universal.


  2. May 18, 2010 4:45 pm

    Hi sharon,
    I am friends with maya kalman and she mentioned the work you idid on the gotham job-which is georgous. Im also friends with tanya mallott!.
    great post-i have the nightmares all the time
    as i was reading it- i figured it was there mistake- but your can-do attitude was their gift
    i hope we meet soon


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